Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal
Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal
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Willie and Charlie Larson lived at the Baileys Harbor Range Lights from 1882-1888. Their father, Captain George Larson, was the Lighthouse Keeper. Their mother, Gertrude, was originally from Racine, WI, and the family returned there after their time in Baileys Harbor. In this book, Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal, the boys find an injured crow they name “Rascal,” who follows the boys activities and becomes an important part of their adventures in Baileys Harbor.  This fictitious tale takes our readers back to the 1880’s in Baileys Harbor and is a fun adventure with a happy ending. The Baileys Harbor Range Lights are located at what is now known as The Ridges. All books signed by Door County resident and author, Sue Steckart Jarosh.